jueves, 26 de mayo de 2011

Predicando a través de CS

Hoy me he llevado una sorpresa al recibir este correo en mi cuenta de CouchSurfing...


Hi my friend how are you
Welcome to mycountry
My name is lokman
İ live in İstanbul
İ used to live usa and china
They are not satisfield about everthing
Something is missing in people life over there
i think that it is about religion
i am muslim elhamdulillah
you came to turkey turkey is muslim country too
think about that you can go to mosque and watch muslim how praying
you can find alot of books about real İslam and mohammedanism
i think that it could be chance maybe last chance to be muslim for you
we all dont know when we will die its your life
you must be carefull about it after this life
there is endless life
dont miss understand me i just wanna make you think about it
if you have any question or need any help just let me know
take care


Pues chungo lo tienen...